Ancona + Associates worked with Boudin Sourdough Bakery to enrich its authentic brand image by weaving the history of the family-owned business throughout every aspect of a new prototype cafe. Located blocks away from the original 1849 bakery site in the heart of San Francisco, the concept looked to a traditional French cafe for inspiration.

A streetfront quick order bar was oriented to morning and afternoon customers, while a more refined fast-casual dining environment opened for lunch. The sourdough bread was brought forward and featured as a backdrop to an open kitchen. Family photos, historic maps and menu boards enriched the cafe with the authentic family history.

Based upon extensive primary research the inspiring story of generations of hard working immigrant families baking sourdough bread was assembled and chronicled through historic photos and collages, packaging, menus, bonus cards and register receipts. A+A provided a comprehensive service, integrating architectural design, historical research and writing, signage, and graphic design.

Interior Architect

Seaton Wilson Architects
Jessica Seaton

Lighting Design

Becca Foster Lighting

Collage Illustration

Laura Tarrish