Experience Strategy

At A+A, experience strategy is derived from a tradition of design for large-scale visitor and retail experiences, hybrid spaces composed of stories, interactions, media and architecture. We have evolved this multi-disciplinary design process to drive innovation across digital experiences, products, services and business transformation.

  • New Concepts & Formats
  • Digital Experience
  • Strategy
  • Brand Building
  • Manufacturing Flagship Experiences
  • Startup Ventures
  • Digital Business Transformation


clarified and customer-focused

We distill and sharpen the client’s mission and objectives in context of the project challenge. We assess the competition, confirm the commercial parameters, and characterize the audience segments and their distinctive modes of experience.

  • Competitive Context
  • Commercial Objectives
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Customer/User Research
  • Customer/User Segmentation


heritage refreshed for the future

A+A has worked with global corporations, small towns, industrial facilities, national parks and even entire nations immersing ourselves in their heritage, capturing their visions and crafting the key themes that take them into the future.

  • Content Research
  • Archival Research & Documentation
  • Story Development
  • Brand & Category Themes


forming the vision

Based upon clarified strategies and stories, we storyboard narrative journeys composed of architecture, exhibit, retail and digital experiences. We illustrate the peaks and valleys that begin at home, enticing audiences through the front door, guiding them across engaging adventures that extend each encounter into meaningful relationships over time.

  • Customer Journeys & Flow
  • Brand & Product Architecture
  • New Formats & Master Planning
  • Digital Experience & UX
  • Staff Experience
  • Programs & Events

Design Systems

mobilizing resources

With a clearly illustrated vision, each aspect of the program is then described as a sustainable design system —architecture, exhibits, merchandising, signage, digital media, events, special effects, mobile, customer service, technology. Narratives and illustrative charts serve as the road map that aligns stakeholders and collaborators.

  • Architectural Program & Site Criteria
  • Merchandise & Signage Programming
  • Digital Media & Software Requirements
  • Operations Planning & Integration
  • Content & Resource Planning
  • ROM Budgeting & Project Road Maps

Experience strategy is joined-up thinking that answers the who, what, why, where and how. The output is a comprehensive vision that captures innovative ideas within a commercial context, and shapes them into compelling discipline-agnostic experiences.


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