The experience strategy process enables us to move quickly into the design phases, armed with clear objectives and a comprehensive vision. Grounded in a deep understanding of your audiences and the stories that are relevant to them, we craft multi-dimensional design systems across physical and digital landscapes.

  • Brand & Identity Design
  • Retail Innovation
  • Exhibit Design
  • Digital Design

Brand & Identity Design

Our work on brands starts with the story, is expressed in words, and celebrated through a distinctive and memorable visual language. Whether working with an existing brand identity, extending it, or creating it, we leave our clients with user-friendly guides to growing their brands across businesses and geographies.

  • Story Development
  • Brand Look & Feel
  • Brand Architecture
  • Identity Design
  • Brand Design
  • Guidelines

Retail Innovation

Retail is where brand and commerce converge under one roof. We orchestrate the balance between these at times competitive agendas of presenting inspirational themes alongside concise product information. At retail, we are expert at bringing alive compelling product stories and creating engaging, interactive experiences that keep customers coming back.

  • New Store Concepts
  • Format Strategy
  • 3D Display Design
  • Communication Graphics
  • Digital Experiences
  • Personalization

Exhibit Design

Our approach is a multi-disciplinary process that gracefully integrates diverse exhibit elements into the architectural envelope. We start at master planning, and collaborate on the design of the shell and interior architecture to assure that exhibits are accommodated in concept and detail. The result is well-built projects that last for decades as memorable icons in their communities.

  • Master Planning
  • Site Feasibility
  • Content Development
  • 3D Design
  • Communication
  • Graphics

Digital Design

Our pioneering work in multimedia for interactive exhibits and brand attractions continues to inform our approach today. In the physical world we prescribe linear movement or offer alternative routes. In the digital world, the user demands more freedom. Over time we capture the data that represents their patterns of movement and dynamically adapt experiences in response.

  • UX Design
  • Personalized Experiences
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Process Transformation
  • Interactives
  • Data Visualization