A+A has consulted across the adidas Performance group, in the US and at the global headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. In the process of introducing the Right for You platform to stakeholders, A+A was engaged by the Global Retail Performance division (c. 2010) to develop a comprehensive retail experience strategy.

The challenge was to embed the RFY principles into newly conceived store formats, bringing a personalized assessment experience to consumers at all levels. Five distinctive store formats were modeled. The array of store concepts covered the breadth of communities in key regions around the world.

Comprehensive studies were developed for each of the store concepts, illustrating how each RFY experience would adapt to the character of the local communities.

The Life Athlete concept is where performance and style converge in an urban neighborhood store that offers the interactive RFY fitting process with a miCoach center for personalized training.

The Performance Factory is a regional flagship experience that drives performance-based personalization by locating services, manufacturing and testing adjacent to the athletes that inspire innovation. At the heart of the experience was the RFY fitting experience. A microfactory produced personalized product. Within days, athletes and teams are invited back to try product and learn new training techniques at the miCoach training center.