The Right for You digital collaboration platform was conceived in 2007, and designed, developed and managed as a prototype project by A+A over approximately four years. Presented as an update of Adi Dassler’s traditional methods of working with athletes to help them perform at their highest level, the vision was to create a digital platform for adidas basketball that would be the foundation of performance based personalization.

Marketing and creative professionals used the RFY platform to brief, create and present their design concepts. The evolving design stories were then shared across the communication channels. As product was presented and personalized, the accumulated knowledge was then shared back to the creative teams, completing a dynamic cycle of innovation.

In one click, staff could write a brief, post design sketches, document personalized configurations and have collaborative and secure conversations with colleagues. In the same catalogue that captured the future, the team could look back in time and access every basketball shoe ever created by adidas.

A+A worked with adidas sport scientists and expert consultants to establish a proprietary Style of Play model. The common attributes of NBA and collegiate athletes were distilled down to five movement styles, with associated physical and mental attributes.

The Fit section established a standard for taking an athlete through a fitting process, capturing their body dimensions, and over time tracking their evolving needs and product feedback. Aggregated or anonymized data could then be shared selectively across the business.

The Performance section introduced a consumer friendly language for adidas basketball based in sport science. Original computer animations were produced that visually illustrated the dynamic footwear requirements.

A+A worked with adidas basketball marketing and design teams over several years, adding new workflow and collaboration features on request in an agile workflow.

Software Development

Andrew Haddock

Style of Play Data

Synergy Sports Technology
Garrick Barr

Performance Animations

John Lassen