SEAVC serves as the front door to the public lands of Southeast Alaska. The largest U.S. Forest Service visitor’s center in the nation at opening, five major exhibits orient visitors to the natural habitats, the native peoples, and the natural resources of the region. A+A developed a series of distinctive exhibit spaces, each unique yet all relating to the facilities’ architectural context, and reflective of the visual texture of the region.

Visitors embark on a journey through time, looking back to the traditional native way of life to reflect on how resources are used today. A+A worked with Forest Service staff to commission authenticated native artisans from throughout the northwest to craft over a hundred objects for display.

The Ecosystems Room presented the seven distinctive habitats of Southeast Alaska. A+A worked with local scientists and commissioned illustrator Paul Kratter to create compositions featuring the wildlife of each habitat. Industrial grade interactive levers were used to pop-up the wildlife that resided in each habitat.

The Resources Room conveys the bustling, often competing activities on land and water—timbering, fishing, mining, recreating.

The Trip Planning Room provided a welcoming place to rest and plan adventures throughout Southeast Alaska.


Jones & Jones

Alaska Architect

Bettisworth North

Lighting Consultant

Auerbach & Glasow

Exhibit Fabricator

Design Craftsmen

Ecosystems Illustrator

Paul Kratter

Native Traditions & Resources Illustrator

Miro Salazar