A+A consulted with Marks & Spencer, one of the most iconic British brands, on a range of projects related to updating and enlivening their traditional and aging store environment. The work, in collaboration with marketing partner, CGA took place over several years with the M&S Store of the Future project team (c. 2001-03).

The first project explored and tested the use of music in the stores. Distinctive channels were curated and installed in each of the major departments in three typical store formats. The team delivered an expansive catalogue of digital music updated on a regular schedule, keeping the music fresh for customers and staff.

Later work involved consulting to guide staff in restructuring creative processes and store systems to deliver dynamic communication systems with signage, displays and multimedia systems. A+A completed an assessment of the full portfolio of stores over time, developing a framework for segmenting the stores based on architectural heritage, location and typical customer shopping modes.

Much of this work coalesced in the development of a creative strategy for a new edge of town Retail Parks store format. A+A worked with the M&S team to clarify the diverse and often conflicting requirements of the many M&S business units, aligned them with the needs of existing and new customers, and crafted a creative agenda that celebrated the heritage of the brand.