Retail DX was conceived and prototyped in 2012 as a mobile and desktop APP to foster the sharing of emerging ideas, solutions and resources in new technologies across the retail ecosystem. Users snap photos of inspiring ideas at retail, upload them, and invite conversations about how these latest proof points were accomplished.



Retail DX was an idea that came from the convergence of several work streams. A+A was building a robust database of retail technology resources. A retailer-friendly language framework was emerging out of this work at a time that it was becoming clear that the key to the sector was not selling just to IT leaders, but to marketing and business executives who needed to be convinced that customer facing technology was relevant and compelling on the retail floor.

Retail colleagues, consultants and competitors are inspired to engage with the future of retail, building a community of deep expertise, sharing knowledge and demonstrating proof points.

Individuals from across the retail ecosystem build their profiles over time through sharing ideas and expertise in their personal collections.