A+A developed a vision for a water education center to be located on the shores of San Pablo Reservoir. Tasked with significantly reducing water consumption over the next 20 years, EBMUD’s objective with this center is to inspire customers to conserve water and practice responsible development principles adjacent to watersheds.

A+A worked with EBMUD staff to define user groups, characterize their lifestyles and needs and imagine the various ways they might use the Water Education Center. The Center exhibits and programs were also structured to align with California curricula, so that school groups could be invited for age appropriate activities.

Waterworks engages young active visitors with “How it Works”, from nature’s water cycle to tracing wastewater from your toilet back to the ocean.

The Watershed Garden invites families to play in nature’s waterways, introducing them to the ecosystem that surrounds them.

After conducting evaluations of several sites in the water district, the site concept was applied to a specific location adjacent to the San Pablo Reservoir.

The preliminary vision was used to complete an architectural feasibility study, and to promote the concept with EBMUD leadership, stakeholders and local communities.